Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Savings1/28-1/30

I had gone a few places this weekend, but we were so utterly busy, I didnt get a chance to get pics, but I still wanted to let you guys know everything I got!

I made a quick run into Walgreens and grabbed two Renzuit cones, both I had FREE cone coupons that I had won over at Tammilee Tips, and I also had a coupon for $1.25 off 3 boxes of Jello that I had found on the back of a recipe book at schnucks. Walgreens had their jello on sale for $.50 a box this week, so I got 3 boxes, and used my coupon, and I only pd $.25 for it all!! I was happy and the lady just laughed! lol

I ran by Dollar General yesterday and enjoyed myself in the Christmas Clearance Aisle! I always find myself short of bows, and always forget to get xmas cards until its too late to send them out, but not next year... or quite possibly the next few years! lol  I got 4 bags of bows, equaling 150 bows, and  i believe 4 boxes of xmas cards, and i got like 6 ornaments. I also grabbed some Olay Body Wash that was on sale for $2, and I used my $2 coupons that expired today, so i got those free too! Today is my MIL's b-day, so i had to grab her a card. My lovely total was $5.07! I was excited, as allt he christmas clearance was $.25 each!! 

What did you guys get this weekend!?

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