Monday, January 17, 2011

FREE Hartz Crunch and Clean at Schnucks!

Last week there was a coupon for $2 off any size Crunch N Clean Hartz Dog Biscuits, this week Schnucks has them on sale for 2/$4! They will be FREE with coupon!! Great savings and good treats to have around for your favorite dog!

This is a perfect time to introduce you guys to our four legged friend. His name is Karrotz. He is a Dauschand and Pug mix, and really looks like neither one! lol He is an amazing dog and quite well behaved! He will be 3 next month! I cant believe how big he is getting, i remember when he used to be able to run under the coffee table.. and I also remember busting a gut when he realized, the hard way, he was too big to do it anymore! HAHA he was running full force and his poor little head hit the coffee table and knocked him on his butt! haha

This is Karrotz! Just Laying around on his Macy's Blanket he stole from Dad! lol

This is my big baby sleeping away the day!

This is my most fav shot of him when he was a puppy! We live in the country and the bailers had come and cut and bailed the hay in the field and we were walking to the mailbox one day and i decided to put him on top of a bail for a pic. Hes soo adorable! He was so small!! :-(

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  1. I<3 him he's too cute!! Hope you have better luck leaving me a comment on the Pandora Bracelet giveaway..try this..(maybe it'll do better if you click on this link)~Shari