Monday, January 17, 2011

Have You Ever Heard Of Listia!?

Have you ever seen or heard of listia? Do you like Ebay? Then you may love Listia, like I do! I was looking for ways to score free things that I needed for everyday life, and I found Listia! This site is like Ebay, but instead of bidding with money, you bid with credits! EVERYTHING IS FREE!! (if it has free shipping) Some people do charge shipping on items, but i simply dont bid on them! lol I have scored a TON of free Makeup, Jewelry, Clothing, Toys for Xmas, Household Items, and many others! Its simple, when you join you automatically get 400 credits for signing up! Then, you can list your items you no longer need and get credits! *I would recommend to offer free shipping if you can so you can get the most credits out of it!* Then just ship the item off and receive your credits! Then you use those credits to go bid on anything you want! Its a great system, and I absolutely love the site! I am currently waiting on the new One Swipe Eye Shadow, i believe Mascara?, and some Stain Remover for the carpet! Not to mention all the things I have got to get rid of! haha I cleaned out my jewelry box and got rid of a lot of old jewelry I didnt wear, movies, clothes, makeup, hair items, and currently I have some Scentsy items listed. So, If you are interested in trying it out just visit LISTIA and sign up!!

Things I have won for FREE:


Things I have gotten rid of

Hope You Enjoy This Site And Get A Lot Of Free Stuff!!!! I Have Enjoyed It A Lot!!!


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! I showed my husband Listia a couple of weeks ago but he is apprehensive about me using it.


  2. apprehensive?! :-( There have been a few times where I didnt get my items, but you have the ability to request your credits back and have a mediator look at the emails back and forth to decide what is fair. You also have the ability to give everyone you deal with a positive or negative feedback depending on your interaction with them, and you are able to see their history before bidding on their items. I have been using it for almost a year now, and I love it! Comes in real handy for Christmas and Birthdays! Also, if your running low on things like makeup! Most of mine comes off Listia! Also most of my jewelry and i get me and my husband and kids clothes off there too! I would encourage you to use the link above to start an acct and see what its all about! Its a great community!