Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazing Walgreens Deals this week purchased on 1/20

This week I had to wait until today to go to Walgreens. I was afraid I wouldnt be able to find everything on my list, and while some things where not available, I got most of what I wanted!
My retail total of products was $117.32, I paid $23.52 out of pocket, and I still have $5 in RR to use on my next trip! Lets see what all I got this week!

Transaction #1 - ThermaCare Neck/Arm Heat Wraps - On sale for $2.50 with $2.50RR.
                          Reservitrol Max Dots Dietary Supplement $9.99 with IVC of $9.99
The max dots were FREE and I had a $1 off coupon for ThermaCare making it $1.62 OOP and $2.50 back in Rewards.

Transaction #2 - Gillette ProGlide Fusion Razor - On sale for $9.99. I have a $4 coupon making it $5.99 and it comes with $5 RR - so it ends up being $.99!! Then a FILLER was a $.49 bag of candy on sale this week! I also used the $2.50RR from the ThermaCare making this order $4.26OOP with $5RR.

Transaction #3 - I got the Appetite Control Spray. It was on sale for $10 with a $10RR. I used the $5RR from the razor and paid $5.40 OOP with a $10RR.

Transaction #4 I got 2Dayquils, 2 Nyquils,- they were on sale for $5 each. with purchase of $20 or more you got a $10RR. PLUS I had (2) $3 off coupons for when you buy 1dayquill and 1Nyquill together. So I got $6 off that making it $14 and a bag of Walgreens Twizzlers that were on sale for $.49 for a FILLER and used the $10RR from the appetite spray and payed only $4.81 OOP with a $10RR..

Transaction #5 I got 1Pantene Shampoo and 1 Pantene Conditioner. They were on sale for 2/$7, I had a $2 coupon making it 2/$5, and then there was a $2RR to come with it as well. I also got some Tom's Mouthwash on sale for $3.99 with a $3RR. Skintimate Shave Cream was on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1 coupon, making it $.99. Gatorade was on sale for 5/$4 and there was a $1 off 5 gatorades making them $.60 each. A FILLER bag of chocolate covered Raisins for $.49, a pack of 6 Double rolls of Charmin Basic TP for 2.99 and i had a $.25 coupon making it $2.74. With all my coupons and the $10RR i ended paying only $7.43OOP and i got $5RR to spend on my next trip!!

All in all, this trip went very well! I was sad they didnt have any homestyle mac n cheese i was wanting, but most everything i wanted was there.

How did you guys do this week!?


  1. I got the homestyle mac n chees! $0.33/ea. Yeah! But I didn't do as well on my other deals. Great job!

  2. Oh your so lucky!! I was looking forward to getting mine! But congrats on it! thats a great buy!! Thanks for the compliment on my deals! I love saving money!!