Monday, December 27, 2010

This weeks goodies at Walgreens!

I hope each one of you got you P&G coupon book out of this Sunday's paper!! If not, you better be asking for some friends and family's, if they arent using them! There are some AWESOME savings in this one! Walgreens is always my first store to go to and look through their ad, as they are the only drugstore we have around here! Thank goodness for their amazing deals! Also, be sure to keep up with your online coupons! I get mine from,,,,, and  All of those sites are wonderful sites to get coupons; and remember, on you can earn "swagbucks" everyday and earn FREE gift cards! This week at Walgreens, I am looking at about paying less that $45 for over $150 of goodies. Ready to break it down? Now, when I go to Walgreens I tend to check out at the beauty counter, just as a courtesy to the people who are using the front register, because you should always have more than 1 order!
For anyone who is new at Walgreens couponing, the most important thing you need to know is RR, Register Rewards! This is a coupon that is printed with a purchase to use on your next purchase!  These are your best friends! Also, you must be very careful with the number of  items in each transaction! If you buy 2 items, have a coupon for each, and a Register Reward, it will not take all 3 because you only have 2 items! The best thing to do in this scenario is just to get some cheap little sale items under $1 to the order! So, I am going to to break down my list of Goodies at Walgreens. Feel free to break it down and only get what you want! Never spend more money than you need to!
Ok, so as I open my Walgreens Envelope (that i take on every trip) I notice I still have $1.50 RR in there from last week! Woot! That will come in handy this week! Alright ladies! Here we go!

Transaction #1- 2 Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner and Colgate Toothpaste
Herbal Essences is on sale at Walgreens this week for $2.99 a bottle, with $1RR. In the P&G Coupon book, there was a coupon for BOGO on  Herbal Essences! So, get 2 of them, 1 of them is FREE, and the 2nd one is $2.99. BUT I have the $1.50 RR from last week, so that makes it $1.49OOP (out of Pocket) PLUS I get $1RR for each bottle, so $2RR to use for another purchase! AND Colgate Toothpaste is 2.99 with a $2RR. So with this transaction I paid a total of $4.48 out of pocket and received $4RR to spend on my other orders! You guys catching on yet? :-D

Transaction #2 - Colgate Toothbrush $2.99
I am going to use one of my $2RR coupon (from the shampoo), and that will make this one $.99 OOP for the Toothbrush! PLUS I will get ANOTHER $2RR back for this item as well! thats right! I paid $.99 and got $2 back!! :-D

Transaction #3 - 2 Vicks Sinex Medications
                          1 Vicks Vapo Rub
                          1 Gillette ProGlide Razor
                          2 pack of Extra Gum
Walgreens has Vicks items on sale and a $5RR if you spend $15 or more. The Sinex is on sale for $6 a box, were getting 2, so thats $12 towards the RR, then the vaporub is on sale for $4..We have our $15!! BUT WE HAVE COUPONS TOO!! :-D In the P&G coupon book they had $4 off coupons for Sinex, so each box is now only $2, and $1 off the vaporub, it is now $3, AND we got our $5RR to use on another order! The Gillette ProGlide Razor is on Walgreens sale for $9.99. In the P&G coupon book there was a $4 off coupon, which makes it $5.99. Remember when I said earlier to watch the number of items you have in an order? This is one of those situations! Everything In this order, i have a coupon for, so i cant use RR UNTIL I had a pack of $.79 gum (hints the 2 packs of gum) So I am going to use the 2 $2 RR I have from the toothbrush and toothpaste! So we have Sinex totaling $4 for both boxes, $3 for the vaporub, $5.99 for the Razor, and about $1.60 for 2 packs of gum. Then we subtract the $4 in RR were using, making the Sinex free, and were paying about $11 for this order! But dont forget the $5RR for the medicine, and also the Razor had a $4RR, so we pd $11 OOP and got $9 back to spend on another order!*I know its alot to take in, but take your time, read it, and i promise it will make sense.. if not, just contact me and i will try to explain it a diff way!

Transaction #4 - 10pack of AAA Energizer Batteries
They are on sale for $5.99 this week at Walgreens, with a $1RR. So I will take my $5RR from the medicine and use it here, and pay $.99 OOP and get $1RR back! :-D

Transaction #5 - 10pack of AA Energizer Batteries
                          Crest Pro-Health MouthWash
                           Glide Floss
The batteries, again were $5.99 with a $1RR. Crest Dental Care Items are on sale at Walgreens for 2/$5 with $1RR. Again, in this amazing P&G coupon book, they had $2 coupons for Crest mouthwash and $.75 off Glide Floss. So with coupons we are getting 2/$2.25 with $1RR! I am going to take my $4RR from the razor and use it on this order. The batteries then go to $1.99 w/ $1RR and the Crest items are 2/$2.25 so we are paying $4.24 OOP on this order!

Transaction #6 - 2 bottles of Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner
Walgreens has Pantene on sale for 2/$7 with $2RR. In the P&G coupon book, there is a coupon for $3 off 2 pantene products! so this brings it down to 2/$4 with $2RR. Then we will use a $1RR from the AAA Batteries, making it 2/$3 and were getting the $2RR. So, we are paying $3 OOP here.

Transaction #7 - THE EXACT SAME THING AS #6 -- I lucked out hard core and when I opened my STL Post Dispatch I had 2 coupon books! so I am using both coupons! but I am using the $1RR from the AA batteries on this one! still paying about $3 OOP

Transaction #8 - 2pk 9V Batteries on sale for 5.99 with $1RR
                          1 pack Extra Gum
With the batteries still being expensive, I am going to use BOTH RR from the shampoo for a total savings of $4, this is why i bought the gum! ;-) The batteries were 5.99-$4RR = $1.99 then i get another $1RR back off them, and the gum is $.79. so this order will be $2.78 OOP

Transaction #9 - 2 CoverGirl EyeShadows
Covergirl is on sale BOGO50%off at Walgreens this week. The 2 cheapest things they sell are 2.99 eyeshadow, so i will get 2 of them. 1 will be $2.99 and the 2nd will be $1.50. $4.50 total. Then in the P&G book, there is a $2.50 off 2 covergirl products, bringing the total to only $2 for both eyeshadows! I will also use $1RR from the Crest Products to bring the total down to $1

Transaction #10 - Crest Mouthwash
                            Crest Toothpaste
                            Dawn Dish Soap
                            Extra Gum
Of course the Crest Items are 2/$5 with anther $1RR. I have another $2 off mouth wash, and $.75 off Crest Toothpaste, bringing it down to $2.25 for both items. Dawn is on sale for $.99 and there is a $.25 coupon in the P&G coupon book, making it $.74. and the $.79 pack of gum. I will Use the $1RR from the 9V Batteries making the total OOP $2.78.

Transaction #11 - Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner
Head and Shoulders is on sale 2/$7 at Walgreens with a $2RR. In the P&G Coupon book there is a $2 off coupon bringing it to 2/$5.  Then i will use $1RR from the crest products and it will being it to 2/$4. this order is about $4 OOP

Transaction #12 - 2 Gillette Deodorants
                            2 Olay Creme Ribbons Body Wash
In the P&G coupon book this week there is a BOGO for Gillette Deodorant! I will buy one for $4.49 and get the 2nd one FREE. Walgreens also has Olay Body Wash on sale for BOGO50%off. In the P&G coupon book, there were $2 off coupons for the Olay Bodywash! I will get the $2.99 Olay Creme Ribbons. the first will be $2.99 (with $2 coupon =.99) and the second one will be $1.50(with a $2 coupon = i will get an additional .50 back!) AND I also will use the $2 RR from the Head and Shoulders!  This will lower the price of the Deodorant to 2.49 and we are paying about $.50 for both body washes so the total OOP on this order will be about $3!

We are now done with our savings at Walgreens! How did you do!? Were you able to keep up?! Its tricky at first, but once you get in there and start working it, it will all come easier to you! Like I said, it takes some time, 12 transactions arent always easy, so remember to take your time, take your list, have all your transactions planned out, have your coupons in order, and help the cashier out. they may be overwhelmed with everything you have! Dont freak out and just run smoothly! Doing run throughs in your head to make sure the transactions will go smoothly is a MUST! you dont want to hold up the line anymore than you need to! I hope this helps and answers some questions as to HOW I do it!  Thanks you guys!! Please feel free to comment!!!

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